First week of progesterone

progesterone suppository

Three days after the smiley face appeared on the home ovulation predictor kit, I began using the progesterone suppositories. As instructed by the doctor and the pharmacist, I inserted the progesterone suppository before bedtime. They are about one-inch long, bullet-shaped with a small diameter. It looks and feels like wax. Once inserted, the “wax” quickly melts. For the first few days of using them I did not have any side effects. By the fourth day I felt bloated, itchy and tired. These are normal side effects to have but I am hoping that they do not last the entire duration of using the suppositories (especially the itchiness). It has now been just over one week since starting this treatment. Praying that this will help support (implantation to the uterus) our little babe. If my period arrives within the next few days then I will most likely be starting Clomid this week.  I will report back soon! Have a wonderful week!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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