“I’m ready to pull the goalie”

I will never forget the day my hubby told me he was ready to start trying for Moore Babe. I was sick in bed and he came in to take care of me. He put some crackers and Gatorade on the nightstand and said, “I’m ready to pull the goalie.” “What?” “I’m ready to pull the goalie.” “What are you talking about?” (just know that there was no game on or anything..) He had to do some explaining. I would have never put trying to conceive and soccer in the same category. You guys, this was the start of my dream becoming a reality!! The first month we started trying we were traveling a lot— nationally and internationally. We did not pay close attention to my fertile week or ovulation date. We just did the deed often. During this time, I did my very best to start cutting out caffeine and alcohol. When the time came around for my period, I had some spotting and nothing more. I did some research and found that the spotting could have been implantation bleeding. So that afternoon, I took one pregnancy test and it came out negative. A few days later and still no period. I did not have my usual period symptoms — cramping, breakouts, or migraines. I decided to try another pregnancy test when I got home from work and it came out POSITIVE. I could not believe my eyes. I rushed to Target to get another box of digital tests to make sure I was really pregnant. While I was there, I also purchased a few products to announce this wonderful news to my hubby. When I got home, I took the other tests and both had “yes+”. I was in shock. Our first month trying and we were pregnant! I had one hour before hubby would arrive home so I quickly printed out a cute saying and wrapped the pregnancy tests in an amazon box with the book, “Dude, You’re Going to be a Dad”. When hubby came home, he was excited for whatever he “ordered off of amazon”. I could not keep my smile off my face while he opened the package. He read each note slowly and started to get the idea. Once he got to the bottom of the package, he teared up and asked, “is this for real?” All this happened so quickly. We felt very blessed to have gotten pregnant so soon.


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Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM


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