Not what we were expecting

One week later, I went for my follow up appointment. The bleeding had stopped and we thought this appointment would be a quick in and out. We were wrong. The doctor did another ultrasound and measured the baby to be 6 weeks 2 days. Development seemed a little behind from the first appointment. The baby should have measured to 6 weeks 5 days. The heartbeat was 90 beats per minute which was reported slow. This time we were able to hear the heartbeat. The doctor told us that the measurement from the week before could have been the gestational sac which would make the results seem a little more likely. We were asked to schedule another appointment in 3 days to check the growth of our baby and the heartbeat. My hubby and I were also recommended to get tested for Zika due to being in Mexico the month before. Even if I was negative, if my hubby was positive it could still affect the babe. The doctor told us that Zika can live in a human for 6 months. At this point, we decided that we would get tested for Zika after our next appointment. Lots of different feelings after this ultrasound. I was confused. Again, I wanted answers right away. Waiting for 3 days was extremely difficult. On our way home, my hubby was prepping me for all the different outcomes. He was trying to be optimistic but also realistic.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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