It’s go time

“It’s go time! This week is the week. Should we try daily or every other day?” I am sure many women can relate to those conversations. When fertility week hits, it’s time to get it on. We tried for a couple of months and nothing was happening. Actually, something was happening and it was called my period, but that was not the “happening” we wanted. Can I tell you that waiting for whatever was going to be happen would drive me crazy. The two week wait is so difficult. I would be anxious and with any symptom I would pray they were pregnancy symptoms. The obvious one that happens when I know that my period is coming instead of pregnancy are breakouts. Period after period…we decided to go the next step and invest in home ovulation predictor kits. We tried both First Response and Clear Blue. I personally liked the Clear Blue ovulation tests. Eleven days after the start of my last period was when I would start peeing on the sticks. Usually around day 15 would be the indicator of my LH surge.


That day on and for a few days after were our “busy” days. We used these tests for two months and then my period was late. I took a home pregnancy test and got a negative. 8 days later and still no period AND another negative pregnancy test. I called my doctor, made an appointment, and got blood work done to see what my HCG level was. That evening the results came back normal. This had me puzzled. My periods were always regular even after our miscarriage. 29 days on the dot. I could not wrap my head around this scenario until it was brought to my attention that that month was a stressful one and could be delaying my period. Literally the day after my doctors appointment, my period started. What a horrible pregnancy tease that was for us. I must admit that I was kind of happy it ended up happening (even if it was really late) this time around because more testing would have been done otherwise. What has helped you get pregnant?


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