A healthy lifestyle for pregnancy

The balance of healthy eating, exercising and sleep are the 3 pillars to good health. While trying to conceive, I am really making an effort to make sure those 3 pillars are balanced. It is important to get my body in the best shape that I can so when I do get pregnant again, the baby will be developing in a healthy environment.

Healthy Eating: We are a pretty healthy couple, but I am really working on having a balanced diet. Instead of eating 3 big meals in a day, I eat 6 smaller meals in a day. I have always eaten this way and it works best for my body otherwise I get hangry.
Here is an example of what my day would look like for meals:
-Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 1/2 sausage, Vega protein shake
-Snack: Trader Joe’s packet of nuts and a handful of carrots
-Lunch: Chicken quinoa salad, fruit and peanut butter pretzels
-Snack: Whole avocado with garlic salt
-Dinner: Chicken bruschetta zoodles (zucchini noodles) and garlic bread
I always end my dinner with a prenatal vitamin. From the moment we decided to “pull the goalie”, I really cut back on my caffeine consumption. It was an easy lifestyle change and now I drink only one cup of decaf coffee in the mornings. It is also very important to stay hydrated. I bring my large S’well bottle with me everywhere I go.

Exercise: I usually workout at least 4 times a week. Two of the days I teach barre (combination of pilates, yoga & dance technique) and do the entire workout with my clients. The other two days I do cardio for at least 40 minutes (running, cycling, stair master, swimming). Working out regularly keeps my stress level low and my body healthy.

Relaxation/Sleep: I LOVE my sleep. Do not wake me while I am sleeping otherwise I will be grouchy. According to my parents, I have always loved to sleep, even when I was a baby. I try really hard to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. My body functions so much better when I get a good solid 8 hours of sleep. Some things that I do to help me relax before bed consist of: doing a mask and using my essential oil diffuser, reading, going on family walks without technology and blogging. They all help to clear my mind.

This balancing act of the 3 pillars is worth it. It will now be our lifestyle not just a change for pregnancy.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM



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