No harm in using…

And the trying continues. Along with the apps and ovulation kits we added in using Pre-Seed lubricant. It is one of the top recommended fertility friendly lubricants. This formula has been created to mimic our own fertile fluids so that sperm can swim freely to the egg. We did some research and thought that maybe my body is not producing enough of those fertile fluids to have the sperm swim successfully to my egg. Since there is no harm in using it, we decided to make it a part of our fertile week routine. We also tried doing the deed daily during the fertile week in hopes to increasing our chances of us hitting our ovulation time. Again, there is no harm in that 😉

Hubby and I have discussed giving up all the added “help” and just have fun next month. Maybe we are thinking about it too much? What if we make it less of a “this week is go time” to enjoying each others company and spending quality time together?

And then comes the two week wait which to me is the worst part about the whole “trying” process…

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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