Consulting with our doctor

After 6 months of trying and not getting the results we wanted (pregnancy), we decided to consult our doctor about the next steps to take. Not getting pregnant was starting to get to me because we were told by the doctor and friends who have also had miscarriages that it would be easy to get pregnant after miscarrying. Being told this, I thought that it would happen right away since that is what happened the first month — bing, bang, boom, we were pregnant. When discussing our concerns with the doctor, she began going through our medical history. For me, we discussed thyroid issues, diabetes, and possible scar tissue from when I got my appendix removed 15 years ago. Thyroid was off the table because I got tested for that in August 2016 and my results were in the standard range. Diabetes and an x-ray for scar tissue were two things that I have not been tested for (even though we both felt it was highly unlikely that I would have either of these conditions). For hubby, she recommended sperm count. I don’t think he was too thrilled about that. Let’s just say that he did not volunteer or jump on getting that testing done. The doctor said that is where we could start since it has not been a year of trying. She stated that since we are under the age of 35, we would have to try for a year before going into in-depth testing. If we were 35+ years, we could have started testing at the six month mark. She said she was pretty confident that we would be pregnant before our year hit. Hubby and I decided that we would keep trying for a year before getting tested for diabetes, x-ray for scar tissue and sperm count. Before our consultation ended, she did remind us that if we wanted to do any of the lab work/x-rays between now and our one year, she would be willing to put it in for us. I felt relieved after this consultation. Even though we did not get straight-forward answers, just knowing that we could get a few things checked out before having to wait a full year gave me a sense of peace.

The weekend following this consultation, Hubby and I hit the dirt roads. Quality time was needed to get our minds off of all of the testing that may have to get done, apps and ovulation tests. We went off-roading in the Sierras and found a gorgeous lake. The first day we went out, we encountered a rainstorm that was not on the forecast. The unpredictable weather ended our off-roading trip a little earlier than we would have liked. I may have gotten us stuck on a rock where we spent about 45 minutes building a rock pile to get out of it. We did not laugh about it in the beginning, but once we realized we were going to be able to overcome that big rock…we were able to laugh about it. Our adventure did not end there that weekend, we decided to go back the next day and spend more time off grid. Being in each others presence without outside distractions helped us reflect on the year and everything we have gone through — everything happens for a reason and we will be okay.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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