Is that a positive?

Hubby was preparing for a trip the week we were hoping to find out if we were pregnant or not. My period was two days late and that is when I chose to take my first pregnancy test. Hubby was home that day so I thought it would be a good time to take one. I had two Clearblue digital tests left. That morning I urinated into a cup and then dipped it in to make sure that enough urine was absorbed onto the stick. I held it in for 5 seconds and then put it down flat. I have a very difficult time waiting for the result so I chose to walk away and get my lunch packed for the day. The anticipation was killing me. My heart was racing when I was walking back to the bathroom to check on the pregnancy test…my heart sunk…it was negative. I told my hubby the results and that we would wait it out a few more days before either testing again, my period starts or contacting the doctor. Unfortunately, hubby left the next day for a hunting trip. He only had cell service for a couple of days and then he would be off the grid. The day he left for his trip, my parents arrived to spend some time with me. Luckily with having them here, it kept my mind off of wanting to take a pregnancy test every few hours. We went to Healdsburg, picked up a baby rocker from my cousin to store for the meantime, did some house repairs and enjoyed each others company. Labor day happened to be the day that I took another pregnancy test…surprise!! it was a big PREGNANT.

pregnancy 2 tests

I could not believe my eyes. I quickly Facetimed Hubby because he told me that he was going to be off the grid in 20 minutes. The first thing he saw when we Facetimed was the pregnancy test result. With a big grin on his face he said, “really?” and we quickly and quietly celebrated this wonderful news together from different countries. Off he went on his bush plane with no service for two weeks. All I wanted to do was to dream about this future baby with him and I couldn’t. So to continue with the excitement I announced this wonderful news to my parents, my mother-in-law, my brothers and sisters-in-law. Hubby announced it to my father-in-law as he was on the hunting trip with him. Everyone was ecstatic but had to keep it a secret because I wanted hubby to be back from his trip before we told more family and friends. Find out what happened two days later in the next post…stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM


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