Unexpected pregnancy signs

Lo and behold a week before we found out the great news, a Similac package arrived on my doorstep addressed to me. There were 3 different baby formulas in the package. Neither of us signed up for it, but thank you Similac for the baby formula. It is packed away for when babe arrives. A few days before the positive test, my cousin was offering a Pottery Barn swivel/glider chair. It was in great condition so I talked with hubby about storing it for the time being and he was totally good with that. My parents and I went to pick it up the day before we got the positive test. And let me tell you, even though there is no babe yet we sit in it often. It is extremely comfortable and I would highly recommend it. I’m sure it will rock our babes to sleep in no time. When I announced the pregnancy to my brothers and sisters-in-law, they explained how being an aunt or uncle was a topic of conversation for them the night before. It was crazy to have these random signs of pregnancy before we even knew we were pregnant.

I apologize, but the next post will be about what happened two days after we found out we were pregnant. I promise! Happy Wednesday!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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