Clomid thus far

What is Clomid, you ask? Clomid is used to help induce ovulation in women that do not develop or release an egg. Usually, this prescription is treated for infertility. For my case, it is being used for my luteal phase defect in hopes to provide me with the correct balance of (hormones) estrogen and progesterone at the right times of my cycle. I am not infertile as I have been pregnant twice, but my body does not produce enough progesterone. We are truly blessed to both be fertile and just need a little extra hormone “supplements” (what I like to call it).


Today will be my last day of taking Clomid. So far it has not been too bad. Day one and two were pretty good. I had light bloating but that was about it. Day three and four were a little more eventful in regards to side effects. About an hour after taking it I had bad abdominal pain, which is a common side effect of the medication. The pain lasted about one hour and then it went away. I have had a couple of hot flashes too. We will see how I am in a week or so. This round of Clomid (which I am hoping will be our only round) I am currently on the lowest dose, which could be why my side effects are not terrible. I will keep you all updated if I have any other side effects from this treatment. I am very hopeful!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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