Clomid hasn’t been quite what I had expected


Clomid hasn’t been quite what I expected. I think I prepared for the worst, but to my surprise it has been A-Okay! I was ready for extreme mood swings, headaches, stomach pains, all the bad side effects…I even got hubby mentally prepared for how I could be while on Clomid. Only a couple of side effects popped up here and there. I have been truly blessed to have such a good experience while taking it. On day 11 of my cycle, I started a home ovulation predictor kit. There were blank circles on the first, second and third day of using the ovulation test. On the fourth day, I got a big bold smiley face! Since keeping track of my ovulation, I have never ovulated/LH surge (or gotten a positive home ovulation test) on day 14. In the past, the positive would appear between day 16 and 19 and then my period would start on day 29. I think that Clomid has helped with getting my cycle in check. I am hopeful that Clomid will help with the length of my luteal phase during this cycle. I will be starting progesterone soon to be on the safe side if Clomid does not lengthen my luteal phase to produce enough progesterone to support a pregnancy. Now it is time for the two week wait. Have a wonderful weekend!


^^I don’t think I was bad while I was on Clomid, but my hubby may say otherwise ;)^^

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM


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