the two week wait is over


Well my friends the two week wait is over. We have great news…I️ am PREGNANT!!! All week last week, I was not getting a goodnight sleep and everyday at 1pm my eyelids were so heavy. I was exhausted! So after 4 days of terrible sleep and 10 days after ovulation, I decided to take a pregnancy test. To our surprise we got two positives. I️ couldn’t believe my eyes the first time so then I took a digital test to confirm. I was only 3w4d pregnant and I got TWO positives. I have never had an early positive pregnancy test. The last two pregnancies I️ had to wait 2-4 days after my missed period to get a positive. Breast tenderness started this past weekend too. Symptoms are setting in early this pregnancy. When I shared this wonderful news to my doctor, she upped the dosage of my progesterone from 50mg to 100mg. We are praying that this little Moore babe sticks. Even though we are only one month into the pregnancy, we want to celebrate the tiny life that we have created. This is pregnancy number three for us in one year, and we are overjoyed that we get another chance to grow a life. At four weeks along, this is well under the recommended time-frame to publicly announce, but we are so excited about this incredible gift growing inside me. And no matter the outcome of this Moore babe, we will love on it with all of our hearts.


Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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