first trimester real talk

Hello? Remember me? I am back! It has been way too long since I have posted, but my first trimester got the best of me. Let me catch you up from where I left off…after we found out we were pregnant, I made an appointment for our first ultrasound that was unconventionally early because this pregnancy is considered high risk (due to my two previous miscarriages and being on Clomid & Progesterone). I cannot say that I was content while waiting the 2 weeks for my first appointment. All I could think about was how my last two miscarriages were very early on in the pregnancy. The doctor came in and wasted no time. She did the ultrasound and we were able to see the baby (which looked like a kidney bean). Since the ultrasound was a few days shy of being six weeks, we were not able to hear the heartbeat, BUT we were able to see it. Talk about a sense of relief being able to see the little flickering heartbeat on the screen. Doctor reported that everything looked good, said she wanted to see me back in two weeks, and went over the symptoms that may appear in the next week or so—morning sickness, nausea and exhaustion. At that time, I was already experiencing exhaustion and was happy that morning sickness hadn’t hit me yet. Six and a half weeks— BOOM! Nausea. Morning sickness. Exhaustion. Luckily at that time, morning sickness was truly “morning” sickness and I was able to keep my nausea at bay by eating a small snack every hour or two. As the weeks went on, the morning sickness started happening at any time of the day (but mostly mornings) and same with nausea. Well, guess what guys? I am PREGNANT. So many people would say (in regards to my morning sickness), “that’s a good thing” or “that’s a great sign”. I knew it was true.

Again, the two week wait for the next appointment felt like eternity. I was praying that the baby would be healthy with a strong heartbeat. This was technically considered my first OB appointment– it was a long one because she did a complete physical exam and went over all of the first trimester tests/bloodwork before the ultrasound. Finally, it was time to see our baby. Right away we were able to see the heartbeat. I was now able to fully focus on what the doctor was saying. Thankfully, my hubby was there to comprehend everything that was said before the ultrasound was done. The baby measured a few days ahead of schedule and was actually starting to look like a baby.

From six and a half weeks to now, which I am just over 13 weeks, I have had morning sickness and all day nausea. Every morning, about 15 minutes after I wake up I would head to the bathroom and throw up bile. Once that episode was over, I would go back to  bed and eat a handful of saltines (which I keep on my nightstand with a plethora of other pregnancy approved items). That would usually help get me up to make oatmeal and a smoothie. That has been my go-to breakfast for the last month. Thinking about my usual breakfast before pregnancy (eggs & sausage) makes me feel queasy. I have not had cravings, but I have had food aversions. Nothing sounds great. I’m just eating to stay alive. I would have to sit down multiple times of day to rest or nap and would fall asleep on the sofa almost every night at 7:30. At around 10 weeks, I officially transitioned to leggings. The one time I tried wearing my jeans I had to use a hair tie because I could not button them. I do not have a visible bump yet, when that day happens you will sure know about it. Making a baby is the most exhausting thing I have ever done, but I would not change it for the world.

At my last appointment I thought I was 12 weeks, but baby measured to be 13w1d. One week ahead of schedule. Moore babe is growing like a champ. It was amazing to see how active the baby was. That little thing was squirming all around during the ultrasound. Our doctor measured the fluid and the baby and was pleased with the results. Baby’s heartbeat was at 163. Hearing the heartbeat was priceless. Hubby was able to get it on video. Something we will cherish forever. Baby actually looked like a baby. The arms, legs, spine, head and body were all very distinct. We were at ease walking out of this appointment. It was wonderful hearing the strong heartbeat and seeing all of the movement. I’m on the first trimester mend where my energy is slowly coming back and my nausea/sickness is not nearly as bad. Hello second trimester! Happy Monday!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 5.31.32 PM

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